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Hey, wanna see my holiday pictures? Oh, but of course you do.

Have some coffee?

Anyway, so we went to that ancient castle ruin. It was beautiful.

Look, this is me beside that ancient encarved stone. See the old rope bridge down below? That was really creepy to walk on, I can tell you.

Oh, and this is me at the castle door. Isn't it beautiful?

Here's me with an ancient cannon. See me run? I was so scared when it started to fire cannonballs!

This is my brother. I'm afraid he has a complete lack of taste. He insisted on taking his ghettoblaster with him. And hey, what's that figure there at the top? I can't remember I've seen THAT before..?

Oh, and this is a picture my son sent in from his trip to Alaska. Mom and I, we are really afraid that he's not eating healthy and regular meals.

See, this is an older picture of him. Don't you agree he looks much healthier here?

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